Aaaaaand We’re Back

Happy New Year, everybody!

(Oh wait, it’s the end of February.  We’re probably past the point where that greeting makes any kind of sense – even though I do know a few people who still have their Christmas trees up.  But anyway.)

A while back, I had mentioned that I’d be taking a break from this blog for the holidays – which, as mentioned above, was quite a long while ago.  It’s the first break from weekly posting I’ve taken since building this website, and it wound up being much longer than I expected – three months.

I needed a break.

Partly that’s due to natural burnout – it’s been something like nine or years of weekly posts, which does tend to eat up time and mental energy.  (Maybe not all that much, but still.) But along with that comes a harsh truth – I’ve covered about as many possible topics as its possible to cover, given that I spend most of my life pecking away at my laptop.  There’s only so many ways I can describe that.

Combine that with the fact that I’ve been working on a long range topic, and the time spent racking my brain for words to post here was actively taking away time from that, and I figured I’d take a break.  Maybe for a week or two.

Which turned into three months.  Sorry about that.

And it’s still true – the time spent writing this, short though this “I’m back” announcement may be, is actively taking away from time I’d wanted to spend working on that other project.  (Which will further be eroded by revisions to yet another project.  Oh well.) But over the past three months, a number of further projects have come up.  New things for me to work on, to try and promote.

New stories to tell.

So, since I have a reason to come back, I’m back.  Hopefully for a good while to come.

Until next week!

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