Excuses, Excuses

Way back in my very first blog post, I pointed out that time spent writing this blog was time when I wasn’t writing something else. Well, Gentle Reader, this past week has proved me right. And as a result, I’m afraid I don’t have a blog post for you this week.

I’ve spent the bulk of the past week trying to write a holiday-themed piece, in the hopes of having it read later on in the month. I’d tell you more about it, but it’s only a horribly rough draft at the moment, with whole chunks of what I want to say missing – and since it’s already over its page limit, I have no idea how I’m going to put in that missing material. So I’ve been spending time trying to figure that out – and therefore not writing this blog.

I’ve also been looking into the rights and other legal issues concerning another piece I’ve written, a solo piece I’ve created for a friend of mine. And I can’t tell you any more than that – because I still need to figure out those rights issues and don’t want to say anything before that happens. So I’ve been making inquiries and phone calls – and therefore not writing this blog.

I mean, I usually have time on Sunday nights to write up something, but this week we had another installment in my friend’s long-running monthly series of Shakespearean history readings. And I do everything possible not to miss them. This is partly because I’m a giant ham who needs to get his iambic pentameter fix – but it’s also because the next writing project on my docket is a riff on those same histories, and this is serving as my research. So I’ve been making a significant investment of time and energy in this little project – and therefore not writing this blog.

Again – that’s three projects I’m desperately trying to juggle. And that’s especially hard these days, because, like most of us, my attention span has been reduced to that of a goldfish. I’m overwhelmed by the compulsion to check in on news sites every five minutes, to see whether or not my taxes have skyrocketed or my nation’s government has collapsed. And as you’ve probably guessed by my love of parallel paragraph construction, this has resulted in me – say it with me now – therefore not writing this blog.

I’ll have something profound or humorous or erudite to write next week, Gentle Reader. In the meantime, support your local theaters and artists, yell at your elected representatives while you still have the chance, call your friends in Alabama, try and recycle and exercise more, and have a Happy Hanukkah.

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