Faith in Democracy

It’s been a quiet weekend here in New York City.  The weather has been sunny and cool, the exact sort of end-of-winter days that tease the promise of a happy spring to come – though far more is set to happen in this city this week than the vernal equinox.  Nevertheless, the streets have been comparatively quiet – too quiet, in fact.  For while we’ve all gone about our regular lives these past few days as if everything was normal, we know that’s not the case.  We know that something momentous is about to happen, but there is no way of knowing the form it will take, and only so much we can do to prepare for it.  It’s sat with me all weekend long – this pervasive, tangible dread.

Part of it, of course, is a simple sense of helplessness.  Whatever life throws at you, you want to be able to maintain some sense that you can do something about it.  Take some action, be proactive, have some sort of contingency plan to implement.  But the simple truth of life is that often, there isn’t anything you can do.  You’ve got your own life to live, and the outside forces are too large for you to influence – even as those forces have the power to determine your fate.  And so you wait.  As I waited, this whole long weekend.

And as I sat and waited this whole long weekend, it occurred to me how shaken I was in things I’ve taken for granted, and how that uncertainty is the worst part of this whole grim vigil.  The strength of democracy.  The inherent wisdom of the public.  A certain baseline sense of fairness, whatever the vicissitudes of life might bring.  They’re comforting principles.  I’ve wanted to believe them my whole life.  But as the weekend drew on, with the inevitable news coming at any dread moment, these glorious platitudes began to ring ever more hollow, as I sat waiting, alone with my doubts.

Waiting, for the news to come, here in New York City.

And yesterday, it did!  I’m happy to announce that my short play Basic Cable Method Acting is moving on to the semi-final round of the Queens Short Play Festival.  I’m sure this means that it’s all sunshine from here on out, and nothing bad will ever happen again!

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