Gone Fishing

I’m currently in Valdez, Alaska, on the shores of Prince William Sound. The still and serene waters are surrounded on all sides by snow-capped mountains, their peaks humming with an almost organic energy, like the spine of some vast slumbering dragon. It’s June, and in this part of the world there is no dark now – the long day is periodically interrupted by a few hours of gentle dusk. I’m spending all my days in the Valdez Theatre Conference, and by “night” the whole raucous caravan moves from the formal readings of the conference center to an informal outdoor stage next to a tiny coffee house, for endless fireside carousing.

So, no blog post this week. Sorry.

In lieu of my usual ramblings, I wanted to let you know that my play, An Arctic Confederate Christmas, is being read on Monday, June 13, at 10:15 am local time (2:15 EDT) – a few hours from when I’m posting this. The conference is livestreaming its readings this year; the secure YouTube link appears here, and will remain live for archival viewings for the next three weeks. Feel free to watch, if you’re interested in experiencing these plays of mine as something other than the subject of weekly blog posts.

See you next week! (Perhaps…it gets kind of wild up here…)

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