Holiday Hiatus

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, Constant Reader!

As of 11:58am Thursday morning, as Santa Claus pulled up in front of the Macy’s flaghip store in Herald Square, the Christmas season is officially upon us.  It is, of course, a time of the year teeming with artistic activity.  There’s holiday concerts aplenty, the Yuletide pieces showcasing centuries of artistic achievement.  The major movie studios will begin their rollout of all the major prestige pictures, ahead of the end-of-year cut-off for awards consideration.  And a host of Broadway and off-Broadway productions will be open to avail themselves of the influx of tourist dollars every December.  Yes, the end of the year is always full of excitement.

Paradoxically, though, if you’re not actively involved in one of these projects then this bustling time is actually one of the most uneventful times of the year.  New productions won’t start auditioning or rehearsing until after the new year.  People will be out of town to visit loved ones, or simply recuperate from the stresses of the year gone by.  There simply isn’t very much going on – unless you happen to have end of the year writing deadlines, in which case staring at a laptop and pecking away at your typewriter throughout the waning hours of December is the most you have to look forward to.

With that in mind, and my own deadline to attend to, I’ll be going on a hiatus for the rest of the year.  Weekly blog posts will resume in January.

Happy holidays everybody!

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