I Was Supposed To Do Something Today, I Think

Well, it finally happened. I forgot to write today’s blog post.

I mean, that’s technically not true – you’re reading this, and it came from somewhere. (I don’t have access to advanced A.I. or anything.) But I typically prepare these over the weekend, and this past weekend I performed in not one but two Zoom play-reading events, and had to cast the next Virtual Tuesdays at Nine reading, AND called my Mom (Happy Mother’s Day), and it wasn’t until I drifted off to sleep last night that I began to contemplate my usual Monday routine and suddenly thought, “oh yeah.”

I still don’t know how it is that I’m this busy during an apocalypse, but I am. Hopefully that’s a good thing, and not just a distraction from all of our impending doom. It’s getting harder and harder to tell.

And yet despite being so busy, it’s harder and harder to come up with things to write about. It’s hard to get new stimulus to respond to when you’re in the same apartment working on the same projects day after day.

And also, a large component of my thinking behind the scenes of this blog has always been that my father was a regular reader, and therefore a major portion of my audience. I always wrote with that in mind. But he’s been gone for a month and a half now, and so I know that audience is gone.

I’d babble on for a little while longer, but I have to be at work (i.e. move from my couch to my desk and sign into a bunch of remote working portals) in half an hour. Another busy day, after all.

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