More Fun Behind the Scenes

You may have noticed things have been a little strange around here.  (I realize that doesn’t narrow things down and we live in a deeply strange country, but I’m talking about things at the micro level here).  For a period of a few weeks, this site was text only; the headshots and production stills, which I’d spent a considerable amount of time collecting and sorting through, had mysteriously vanished.  Your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you, Constant Reader, and there was nothing wrong with your internet connection; the issue was all on my end.

And I still have no idea what happened.

I mean, I know that some program or subroutine or something managed to get removed, and there was a whole procedure necessary to re-install it.  I even know the name of the something.  It means nothing to me, because I don’t maintain this website (other than write a few hundred words each week for the perusal of you, Constant Reader).  That’s all taken care of by my friend Amy, who owns and manages ActorWebs, and created this website for me; if you like the look of this website and are looking to promote your own performing arts work on the web, consider this a commercial for her.

A little later today, I have a zoom meeting scheduled with Amy, to go over these updates and other new features that exist on my end of things.  Basically, I’ll be getting a tutorial; I’ve had some of these new features for a while, don’t really understand them, and finally have a chance to receive guidance.  To ask questions.  Of which, of course, there are so very many:

Are we going to have actual theater again anytime soon?

Will zoom theater ever be an acceptable substitute for the real thing?

Which performers’ union should have jurisdiction over online performances?

Why can’t the unions have any sort of reasonable discussion about the previous uestion?

Do my weekly posts do anything to stave off the dozen or so looming apocalypses we’re all facing, or am I just screaming into the void?  (And what is the plural of “apocalypse,” anyway?)

Amy would probably appreciate it if I kept it to purely technical questions, though.  After all, these are confusing times.

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