One A.M. Monday Morning

It is, as I write this, one a.m. on Monday morning. The weekend has just come to a close, the general workweek is about to begin. The world about me is going to stir to life in a few short hours. And as I write this, a familiar dread from long ago wraps its clammy metaphorical hands about my throat.

I didn’t do my homework this week.

Apart from going to work and going to the gym and buying groceries and doing laundry and performing all of the tasks I need to do to survive, I’ve had a full calendar of events of late. I waited in the stand-by line at the Delacorte theater to see the Public’s new production of Coriolanus. The next day, I went to see the new Tarantino picture, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, in the one theater in New York still capable of showing 70 millimeter prints. Then I went to the first public reading of a new script, Malvolio’s Revenge by Duncan Pflaster, which I’d help workshop in an earlier private table read. Then the next day, I went straight from work to my monthly classical reading series, to play Flute in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

And that’s on top of the basic housekeeping tasks of my profession, like getting new headshots – which I finally have two months after my photo session. You can see them elsewhere on this website – which, accordingly, I updated this past week. Another time-consuming task I needed to do.

I could write a blog post on any of these topics. I probably will. I probably should.

The problem is, I was too busy actually doing all these things to take time out to write about them.

So here it is, one a.m. the night before my weekly blog post goes live, having just staggered my way home from the usual post-reading drinking session after Midsummer, trying to write the post. Trying to do my homework.

So, essentially, my report for this week is that I couldn’t write my report.

Which is the goal, right? I’m supposed to be busy. Of course, the busier I am, the less time I have to advertise how busy I am, which makes it look like I’m not busy at all. Which I totally am, as evidenced by the fact that I wasn’t able to sit down to write this until one am early Monday morning.

Which is always a fun time to be awake.

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