Prep Time

Speaking of Team Dystopia…I haven’t mentioned it before now, but I will be going back to the Valdez Theater Conference this year, presenting a new script of mine, How to Pronounce Samhain.  (If you can’t handle a commute of several thousand miles to see it, you can read the script on NPX here.) The conference is a month away – in fact, I’ll be heading off on my journey in exactly a month and a day’s time.  And so naturally, I’m frantically trying to prepare before I leave.

Now, understand that I’ve already taken care of the basics – registration, accomodations, cat sitter, plane ticket, that sort of thing.  I’m not talking about that sort of preparation.  And I’m not talking about the sort of expected preparation that still has to take place – the conference will be sending out acting assignments later this week, for instance, so I won’t be able to do that sort of actor’s prep until after I’ve received a script.  (Assuming they’re using me as an actor this year, of course.) No, I’m talking about the other sorts of preparation.  The kind of random things that don’t seem relevant to going off to have your script workshopped over a week-long theater intensive, until the actual moment is upon you and you realize those random things are absolutely crucial.

Like buying new shoes.  Mine are at the end of their lifespan, and hiking around the Chugach mountains is not the time to break in anything new.

Or cleaning my apartment.  I can live however I like when I’m just worrying about myself – but if the place isn’t spotless when my catsitter arrives I will feel like I’ve failed in some crucial manner.

Or – to bring this post somewhat closer to this blog’s stated focus – to finish the ten-minute play script I started drafting last week, one of a series of three which I’ve been preparing of late.  And actually, the best case scenario would be to finish that draft this week, so I can use the remainder of the month to finish the research project I’m in the middle of.  If I’m able to do that, then once I’ve returned from the conference I would be able to start drafting the next major script I’d like to tackle.  I’d then have no more than five months’ time in which to finish that draft.

That’s the deadline to apply for next year’s Valdez Theater Conference, after all.

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