Previews of Coming Attractions

Well it's finally happened.  After a little over three years, I have nothing to post about.

Which is not to say that I haven't done anything this past week.  Quite the contrary – I've been so busy preparing a variety of different things that I haven't had the time to sit down and write about the things I was doing.  I was too busy doing them.

So, my customary pithy missive is going to have to wait another week.  Or several, depending on the particular missive in question.  Here then, Constant Reader, are some of the topics you can look forward to reading about in coming weeks (which I guess is our blog-happy culture's way of referring to the things I've been doing):

– I'm preparing a developmental private reading of a script of mine, which I think I can't mention because it was a finalist in Something I'm Still Not Sure I'm Allowed To Talk About Yet.  (It's complicated.) Once I know I have the go-ahead to start discussing this project publicly, believe me you'll be hearing me talk about it non stop.

– I've been researching The Next Script, which has been something of an ordeal because its subject matter – what a post-climate catastrophe society might look like – is so unspeakably depressing.  I mean, if you were somehow still on the fence about this and was waiting on an actor's blog to tell you if it's bad or not – it's bad.  And not fun to research.  But that's the sacrifice I'm willing to make for you, Constant Reader!

– Since I'm a member of Actor's Equity, I'll shortly be voting on amendments to our constitution and bylaws.  Fun fact: my original plan for this week was to discuss this, but it was just too complicated a topic for me to deal with in just a few days, for one blog post.  So expect to hear plenty about this next week.

– One of my 2018 New Year's Resolutions was to lose enough spare poundage to warrant getting new headshots taken.  Well, it's 2019, but I'm finally just about there.  So expect to hear about the exciting and fast paced world of digital headshot photography in weeks to come.

Sorry about making you wait for the posts like this.  I'll try and make sure the wait is worth it.

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