Ten Years Later

Ten years ago, I was preparing for the very first production of one of my playscripts, the FringeNYC production of Dragon’s Breath.  As it was a Fringe Festival production, the actual performances weren’t until August, and rehearsals didn’t start until the summer.  No, the frantic work I was doing at this time ten years ago was all that frantic pre-production work which has no glamour to it and which therefore nobody ever thinks about – until it has to be done.  The filing of showcase paperwork with Actors Equity.  The securing of rehearsal spaces.  The compiling of budgets.  The endless parade of spreadsheets.

And, of course, the creation of a promotional website.  I’ve kept it up all these years, if you happen to be curious.  You can check it out here.

It was a great experience, even though nothing (to date) came of the script after that.  And in all honesty, I don’t think it will.  I’m proud of the script, and I think I was prescient about a number of things.  The play’s thumnail description, you see, is “A YA paranormal romance writer accidentally creates an evil cult.”  It deals with the rise of religious fanaticism, and featured what we now refer to as an “internet trolls” several years before the general public knew what that meant.  The thing is, while I hit upon fragments of the terrifying things to come in that script, I had them all mixed up in terms of putting together the picture of the future.  For instance, the internet troll character – played by myself, as it happens – was ultimately a sad and misguided character to be pitied, and not, y’know, the instrument of my nation’s destruction in a presidential election shortly thereafter.  (And that’s not even considering that the one YA writer who seems hellbent on creating an actual evil cult seems to be trying to do so willingly, to the horror of her former fans.  But I digress.)

So while I love that play, I’m not sure if there’s much value in revisiting it ten years later.

You know who doesn’t agree with me, however?  Internet trolls.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten email notices from that long-dormant website, which has not otherwise been updated or promoted.  They don’t have any actual content, just weirdly spelled permutations of “I found ur blog omg good job.” And I’m not under any illusions that actual human beings found that particular blog – the syntax is clearly that of some spammer’s AI program.

But why?  And why now?  There’s untold millions of websites getting more traffic than my archival site for a showcase production from the Obama administration.  There’s far more profit to be had in spamming others.  I mean, it’s not like an actual evil cult could have spawned from the internet and…

Oh, wait.  Crap.

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