Watch This Space

There is a certain routine involved in my blog posts, Gentle Reader. It’s fairly straightforward – at the end of each week, I look back over my artistic activities, however mundane they may have been, and figure out which one of those activities might be able to support a few hundred words of English prose. I have to admit, it can be tricky – my life’s not always tremendously exciting, so I have to figure out how to spin an epic out of something like getting new business cards.

I have the opposite problem today. Some tremendously exciting developments took place in my life last week – and I’m not yet at liberty to discuss any of them. It won’t be long – the public announcement of what I spent the past week calling, emailing, and texting about is only a few days away. But it hasn’t happened yet, and I’m honor bound not to discuss what’s going to be announced, lest those calls and emails and texts all turn out to have been for naught.

I’ve been preparing some other things as well. I’ve been doing the casting for a private reading for Philostrate, a playscript of mine – but that’s not getting announced for another few days either. This reading is taking place thru my friends at Dead Playwrights Society, which has another event in about a month’s time involving another playscript of mine. I’ve been doing the prep for that this past week as well – and until this prep is complete I can’t really announce this event either. This, again, is something that will happen in the next few days – but as exciting as that is, it doesn’t exactly provide blog post content for me in the here and now.

So all I can ask, Gentle Reader, is that you come back to this website sometime in the next week. A couple times, really. Refresh as often as you like. I promise, we’re only a few short days away from some fun news that will be worth taking the time to hear about.

Unless, of course, you really are interested in my getting new business cards. Because I did that this past week as well.

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